Let's make Magic

In these times of selfies and self proclaimed professional photographers, finding an exciting, creative experience in front of the lens may seem improbable. You've probably looked at several lackluster portfolios as you search for a photographer worthy of capturing your special moment with a unique vision and a vivid imagination. While browsing my work it may be hard to take in that my images are created in complete darkness, that all of the fantastic effects in these portraits were inspired by the exchange between myself and the client, and that each electrifying streak of light was made by my movements painting with light , captured by long exposure photography, not manipulated via photoshop. When you try light painting for yourself you will be immersed in the most extraordinary photographic magic trick, one that results in a truly amazing experience for you to cherish and an innovative portrait capturing the light and essence that only you can radiate. Contact me today to talk about your special milestone, and let's make magic together.

What my work means to me

Creativity is how I honor my truth, expanding in different mediums to become my fullest self. I’ve experimented with drawing, painting, poetry and performance, but light painting photography has captivated my imagination like no other medium. In light painting there are no limits to my expression. I use the night as my canvas and light as my paintbrushes, producing surreal effects in the moment of creation, without the need of computer imaging. The act of creating in darkness itself is my greatest pleasure. Working intimately with a subject, darting about in absolute darkness, painting layers of light onto and around them, my heart racing, sweat dripping; I am deep in ritual. Inventing unimagined textures of light, drawing inspiration from the subject’s unique essence, fully present in this singular moment we share; this is my happy place. The thrill of creation puts me in a spiritual trance. I often marvel at the magical results knowing that the movements that lead me to the image came from a greater power outside of me. I am a conduit for creative energy, crafting spiritual light works in darkness. My finished works reflect the result of connecting deeply with the beauty of the human soul, translating the mystical essence of the subject into glowing portraits. Light painting is the medium I use to connect with my tradition while away from my homeland and spiritual family. The energy and electricity channeled during my light painting performances are tools I use to cleanse negativity, heal spirit, inspire magic, create beauty and bring joy.


Creative resume


Linda Costa Cheranichit

aka Linda Costa

b. 1983, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Lives and works in Pinellas Park, FL


info@lindacostaphotography.com | www.lindacostaphotography.com | 404.454.6257



2001-02   Barry University, Miami Shores, FL


Public Art Commissions

2016        Atlanta’s Fulton County Arts and Culture fund “Vicarious Engagement”, performance art by Jessica Scott-Felder. Commissioned collaborating artist as part of Jessica Scott-Felder’s public arts commissioned performance “Vicarious Engagement” at the Swan Coach House Gallery during debut of “Print or Projection”, curated by Karen Tauches. January 14th, 2016.

2014        Atlanta’s Fulton County Arts and Culture commissioned a total of three large ( 5’x8’) gliclee prints on canvas for their Public Arts collection during the 2014 exhibit ‘ Transcend’. Collected works include “ Voo da Menina Mulher (Transcende)- Flight of the Girl-Woman”, “Vento levou(Boa Viagem)- The wind took it (Safe Travels)”, “Samba do Exu (Carnaval)- Exu’s Samba (Carnaval)”.

2012       Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs and Elevate ATL present Banho de Luz: a Light Bath Ritual. Commissioned public works collaborative performance with artist Lillian Blades and filmmaker Roni Nicole Henderson which included live light painting photography performance (Cheranichit), projections of finished live works (Cheranichit), projections of live filming (Henderson), glowing tapestries and sculptures (Blades).


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2015       Divine Feminine presented by the Auburn Avenue Research Library at the Hammonds House Museum.

               Curated by Linda Edmonds-Lima. September through December.

2014-15   Transcend, Aviation Community Cultural Center, Atlanta, GA. Funded by Atlanta’s Fulton County Arts

               and Culture and Digital Arts Studio. Curated by center director Robin Ligon-Williams. 10/2014- 02/2015.

2009       Liza Garza Presents ‘Canciones de mi Madre (My Mama’s Songs)’, Composition Gallery, Atlanta, GA.        

               Studio Clout Presents: Linda Costa - Collected Works. Studio Clout, Atlanta, GA. September through December.

2008       Urban Tea Party Presents: Linda Costa, Urban Tea Party, Atlanta, GA.


Selected Group Exhibitions

2012       Brasil- Diaspora Dialogue, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation, New Orleans, LA.           

2011       Gentleman Jack Presents- Art Beats and Lyrics, The Compound, Atlanta, GA and venues in

               Washington, D.C. and Houston, Texas.           

               FORM artistic independence book release, Mint Gallery, Atlanta, GA.                            

               SOPO Art Bike Show, the Goat Farm, Atlanta, GA. Collaged art bike.          

               Burnaway Second Annual Fundraiser, Krog Street Warehouse, Atlanta, GA. Limited edition prints.         

2010       Bang! Arts Presents: The Egg Came First, 7Stages Theater Gallery, Atlanta, GA.

2009       ViewMaster Installment, The Soundbar, Chicago, IL.        

               See Through Souls, Picaflor Gallery, Atlanta, GA.


Selected  Live Light Painting Performance

2016       Print or Projection, Swan Coach House Gallery, Atlanta, GA. Commissioned performance art.

2015       Divine Feminine: Homage to Oxum Hammonds House Museum, Atlanta, GA. October, 24th. Choreography, performance art, musical composition, singing, live light painting performance.  Original musical composition created in collaboration with artist (husband) Tim Cheranichit; song debuted via recording during performance art piece performed by live model and collaborator Adinah Morgan who personified the Yoruba river Goddess, Oxum.

2010       Live Art with David Mack and Bill Sienkiewicz, DooGallery, Atlanta, GA. Group exhibition, live photography performance alongside Marvel Comic Book Artists and others.



2016       Razzano, Tiffany: “Studios at 5663 to celebrate grand opening.” Pinellas Park Beacon, April 2016. Mention.

2016        Mintz, Donna: “Review: ‘Print or Projection’ Proves to Be Intelligent, Thought-Provoking and Brand New.” ArtsAtl.Com, January 21st , 2016. Photography. http://www.artsatl.com/2016/01/review-print-or-projection/

2015       “To Do List: Screening and Performance ‘Summer of Gods’, and Linda Costa Cheranichit @ Hammonds House Museum” Burnaway.org, October 2015. Photography. http://burnaway.org/event/screening-performance-the-summer-of-gods-linda-costa-cheranichit-hammonds-house-museum/

2012       Pousner, Howard: “Elevate Series Returns to Downtown,” The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Sunday, October 7th, 2012. Photography.

               Hall, Ed: “Preview: Elevate downtown arts festival adds 5K run, art walk, auction, street dance,” ArtsAtl.Com, October 2012. Photography. http://www.artsatl.com/2012/10/elevate/

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2012-15  Page, Jason D. : Various articles. LightPaintingPhotography.Com, October 2012 - September 2015. Photography.




2011       Rodriguez, Alberto Brown: “Artista de Mundo- Linda Costa,” Mundo Hispanico. January, 2011.                Photography and interview.


Published Works

2015        Cheranichit, Linda Costa: Transcend: Light Paintings by Linda Costa Cheranichit, self published. 20 pages, full color. Collected photographs from     the Transcend exhibition.

2013       Davis, Theresa: After This We Go Dark, Sibling Rivalry Press. Book cover photography.

               Semali, Yamin: Yamin. Yen Dollar Music. Album cover photography.

2011       Williams England Design (compiler), Form: Artistic Independence 2011, Williams England Design. Photography.

               Maparyan, Layli: The Womanist Idea: Contemporary Sociological Perspectives; Routledge, USA. Book cover.

               Carter, Angela: Angela Carter Presents: Atlanta’s Finest, Sumona Productions. Featured Artist.

2010       Poulton, Mark: “David Mack Interview,” Arcana Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 1; Arcana Comics, Australia. Back cover photography.

               Mack, David: “Dream Logic Issues: #1, #2” Marvel's Icon Comics, May- August 2010. Photography.

               Rising Appalachia, The Sails of Self, self released, 2010. Album Cover Photography.

2009       Cyr, Linda: Art Revolution: Alternative Approaches for Fine Artists and Illustrators, North Light Books. Photography.

2008       Williams England Design (compiler), Form: Artistic Independence 2008, Williams England Design. Photography.

               Mack, David: Kabuki: The Alchemy, Marvel Publishing Inc., 2008. Photography.

               Devoe, Chris: The Perception of Obstacles, Arepaz Records. Album Cover Photography.

2007-10Mack, David: “Reflections Issues: #9, #10, #11, #12” Marvel's Icon Comics,  2007-2010. Photography.



2016       Accepted as resident artist at The Studios at 5663 in Pinellas Park, FL.

2015       Guided Light Painting Photography Workshop for Sistagraphy members.

2014        Became member of Fulton County Arts and Culture Artist Registry.

2012        Guided Light Painting Photography Workshop for Click Atlanta members.

2010       Brussels: Tarot An Artists' Vision of the Future, Petit Papiers, Brussels, Belgium. Marvel Comics artist David Mack ‘sampled’ my light painted portraits of him for the images “The Magician” and “King of Wands”.