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Making Magic with Light by Linda Costa Cheranichit

The marvelous Chanda Am models in a Raul Del Castillo original design, captured in my light painting technique at The Studios at 5663 for this past 4th Saturday Artwalk.

This past 4th Saturday at The Studios at 5663,  I had the pleasure of working with the gorgeous and talented model Chanda Am as I demonstrated my light painting technique live for spectators who were interested in learning about my creative process. Our studios were opened to the public as they are every 4th Saturday for Pinellas Arts Village's 4th Saturday Artwalk, from 6-9pm. Our resident musicphile DJ Sai (aka my wonderful husband Tim Cheranichit) spun an eclectic mix of 80s vinyl, the soundtrack to an exciting and creative evening out. As the night wound down, Chanda and I were admiring the stunning dress designs of my newest studio mate, Raul Del Castillo, who then generously offered to let Chanda have a fitting for one of his fashionable creations. As Chanda was draped in Raul's luxurious dress, the creation came alive, inspiring me instantly! I just had to create a light painting of her in this magnificent dress! She stood perfectly still in a pitch black room as I lit her with my warm toned flashlight, painting her skin and face with light. She held fire in her hands, as I lit textured materials to put magical light into her palms. She then changed positions during the long exposure, with her arms spread out, conjuring energy from the darkness around her as I flowed behind her reaching from floor to ceiling with my string of blue lights, creating an electric forest all around. Above you see the result of three different artists displaying their creative powers simultaneously; Raul's fantastic fashion work, Chanda's impeccable modelling skills, and my inspiration exploding in light. I'm so grateful to be able to share this gift through my studio, collaborating with creatives in hopes of inspiring art lovers. If you've yet to come see what the Pinellas Art Village is all about, please contact me (404.454.6257) to visit me at Studio #9, where I create portraits for all occasions and all budgets, and where you can find my fine art prints available for your very own collection. There's vibrant creativity flowing through every corner of our arts neighborhood and we're just getting started!

Dress Design: Raul Castillo Designs(IG: @rauldelcastillodesigns )

Model: Chanda Am(IG: @chanda_model )

Light Painting Photography: Linda Costa Cheranichit (IG: @lindacostaphotography)

Location: Studio #9 of the Studios at 5663: 5663 Park Blvd, Pinellas Park, FL, 33781.

4th Saturday Artwalk @ Pinellas Park creative District! by Linda Costa Cheranichit

Join us every 4th Saturday from 6-9pm to see what all the artsy buzz is about in Pinellas Park!

Join us every 4th Saturday from 6-9pm to see what all the artsy buzz is about in Pinellas Park!

Do you love Art? Literature? Cupcakes? Well, you'll fit right in at the new Pinellas Park Creative District! I have the honor of being one of the six studio artists currently in residence at the Studios at 5663 , the red hot center of all the creative buzz in Pinellas Park. This Saturday, 5.28 from 6-9pm we will open our doors to the public as a neighborhood for the first time, giving you all that we have to offer! Located at 5663 Park Boulevard, our studios are behind the glorious murals crafted recently by the insanely talented artists at the Bloom Arts Center. One of Bloom's founders,  Derek Donnelly , who is a local celebrity due as much for his work with the creative community as for his stunning mural art, happens to be a Pinellas Park native, and will soon reclaim his home turf becoming our neighbor at the ultra cool shipping container artist live/work space (recently featured on HGTV!). He'll be living upstairs and exhibiting his spectacular work in the gallery space below. Behind him is the future home to Wordier than Thou, a literary troupe bringing storytelling and prose open mics, while spearheading projects such as Florida Book Store day, giving local authors a chance to shine. The works of their collective authors have been published in their own literary magazine, and performed by local actors on stage. An indie book store featuring local authors will be in the works once they've moved in. If that's not exciting enough for you, drop by Vince Pompei's metalworks workshop/gallery complex where whimsy and grit, rust and fantasy clash into work that comes to life before your eyes. His original electric bicycle rickshaw whose hand crafted wood trim and metal bars are reminiscent of the carriage which carried the naughty Pinocchio away from dear Gepetto. Step into his menagerie of creations and be transported into the artist's vision, a twisted, beautiful and brilliant world. Down the way you'll find another fantastic creator, Mr. Clayton Swartz whose public art graces the front of Barbara Ponce Library, as his stunning silver sculptures enhance the beauty of the far side of our block. Step inside his posh white box gallery to see tropical colors bursting from dynamic metallic shapes. You may be wondering about those cupcakes right about now- well get to wandering instead, down to The Complete Sweet Shoppe, where you'll find the most delectable delicacies in town, served by two sweet sisters who are only slightly less sugary than their delicious fare. If the treat your looking for is slightly more fermented in nature, Bottles Pub will be where you want to end your night, the legendary local watering hole. End your night? Is it over already? Gosh only 3 hours to see, hear, and experience all of that? Did you sit a moment with the electric presence of my portraits, or get a chance to see me perform my light paintings live in complete darkness, proving once and for all that none of my effects are photoshop? Did you even get to see the peaceful and playful Buddhas of Loy Khambay-Correa? Did you get a chance to check out Isis Navarro's lovely flowers, her raw documentary photographs of homeland of Honduras, or her intense moon inspired paintings? Did you find yourself falling in love with one of John Gascot's colorful, eclectic narratives at his Latin Pop Shop? What about Kim Alderman's soothing sculptural objects or her arresting mandalas that steal your breath reminding you to breathe? Tell me you at the very least absorbed the epic, timeless Cowboys and Indians painted by the talented and experienced hands of the man from Durango himself, Mr. Bob Canning? If you missed something, don't worry. We're your new arts destination in Tampa Bay! We'll be here from now until the next 4th Saturday waiting patiently for you to experience it all over again. Or you can always come back sooner for a more intimate connection with us as we craft the works that will blow you away next month on the 4th Saturday!

Don't get lost, Find yourself as you enjoy world class art in your own backyard!

Don't get lost, Find yourself as you enjoy world class art in your own backyard!